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annual return

HMRC is allowing customers extra time to file their annual share scheme returns after the page went down on Friday evening.

Has anyone else had any difficulty filing share scheme annual returns over the weekend?


I am seeing a prospect later today and from what I've seen of Cos House documentation I think he uses several first names, possibly for religious reasons.


An accountant has been severely reprimanded and fined £4,500 for failing to submit an annual return and doing business without professional indemnity insurance (PII).


I set up a limited company a few years ago to perform IT contracting.


I registered a limited company. As I forgot file an annual return I am being fined £375. I company won't be trading for a few more months, and I have been advised to complete a form AA02.


Three months ago BIS published a consultation document that included a proposal to abolish the Companies House Annual Return (AR), explains Jennifer Adams.


Some significant reforms have been put forward in a recent BIS consultation document on corporate transparency.


It is that time of year again when businesses have to start preparing their Employer Annual Returns which are due to HMRC by 19 May, says the