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George Osborne has given the General Anti-Abuse Rule (GAAR) more teeth with new penalties in the Autumn Statement 2015.

The Chancellor has said the government will raise more than £5bn by tackling tax evasion and “aggressive” tax avoidance.


A new criminal offence for assisting tax evaders and an increase in ‘accelerated payment notices’ for participants in tax avoidance schemes were among a £3.1bn package of measures against avoid

While Budget 2015 was all about presenting generous morsels to individuals and regions, there were relatively meagre pickings for small businesses - mainly because most of the tax incentives fo


The Autumn Statement for 2014 will be given by George Osborne on 3 December 2014.

Tax professionals have warned that a proposed “strict liability” criminal offence of failing to declare offshore income and gains could result in taxpayers who have no criminal intent being sen


Accountants who promote aggressive tax avoidance schemes should face criminal prosecution, according to a Conservative MP.


We have a potential new IT contractor client who has a track record of running a limited company for just over 12 months then closing the company down and extracting remaining reserves as a