anti money laundering

Have you any experience of conducting manual money laundering checks and online instant checks? 


As the certificate of incorporation is so easily available to download from companies house, am I still legally required to obtain a copy for our records in order to comply with money laundering re


I was wondering whether most accountants ask for ID at an initial client meeting. I have always done so without problem, but now a potential client has got a bit funny about it.


Can I accept a printout of a client's online bank account / gas bill / electricity bill to evidence the client's address? Or do I have to see a "real" paper bill?


Well, we've had our money laundering audit and the dreaded letter arrived a couple of weeks ago .

A man on HMRC’s “most wanted list” who spent a decade on the run after absconding before he could be tried for money laundering has been jailed for 19 months.

Client has had a cheque written by them intercepted and cashed into another account.

I have a name on the cheque but it is unlikely to be real and essentially of no value.


Client receives and order for product for £8,000 from the Middle East but customer deposits £61,000. The email for the order advises an error has been made and please to return the balance.


Any ideas for how to ID the beneficial owner of a UK business where the ultimate majority shareholder is a US Venture capital fund?