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Good morning. Here is this morning’s news.


As the battle for clients hots up, some accountants are starting to play hardball when it comes to hanging on to their clients.

Big news in this morning’s lowdown: HMRC apologises for unacceptably poor call record.

HMRC apologises for ‘unacceptably poor’ call record


Good morning, here's what's going on in the accounting world this morning. 


HMRC defines Scottish taxpayer

You are only as good as your client list. But one AccountingWEB member's relationship with their clients has led them to ask: Where have all the good people gone?


Good morning, here’s your Monday news.

HMRC tackles the hidden economy


Does the traditional high street storefront still have a role in the digital era?


So here's a bit of Friday fun - since it's October I want to know, what's the scariest thing that's happened/biggest fright you've received while working?


We received a lot of very tongue-in-cheek suggestions for our top 10 practice hacks.


I apologise in advance for the length of this rant but I'm so annoyed...