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The cloud is all around and most people are already using it for online banking, shopping and media storage – and not thinking twi


When an AccountingWEB member recently wondered whether the time had come to replace his 10-year-old Nokia, he got a huge and surprising response.


Inspired by my visit to Accountex, I take a look at new technologies such as apps, updates to cloud accounting and live bank feeds. 

As an accountant, keeping both yours and clients data private and secure is of utmost importance. But even more crucial is the type of key you use to lock it away.

5’s US tech editor-at-large David H Ringstrom has a few reservations about Microsoft’s spreadsheet migration to its big rival’s phone and tablet op


Business travel doesn't have to be an ordeal anymore, with hundreds of apps available to smooth your trip.


We're running a search for the best business travel apps out there, and want to know what the AccountingWEB community uses. 


Accountants are keen users of mobile tools and technology, so it’s odd that the profession has dragged its feet on the latest trend to "bring your own device" to work.

In January, getting returns completed and submitted on time may take precedent to many other things in a practitioner’s life - not least, their health.