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Accountants are keen users of mobile tools and technology, so it’s odd that the profession has dragged its feet on the latest trend to "bring your own device" to work.

In January, getting returns completed and submitted on time may take precedent to many other things in a practitioner’s life - not least, their health.


Mobile apps have been getting all the attention of late, but at this time of year it’s worth remembering online apps that work on your desktop systems too.

“There’s an app for that,” is no longer just a slightly annoying Apple slogan. In 2013, we’ve seen apps for literally anything and everything you can think of.


Irish firm McInerney Saunders shared its top tips and tools for practice profitability at this years’ UK200 annua


Accountants are increasingly embracing and investing in mobile technology to reach out to clients and new prospects.


Nick Lally, finance director at black cab app developer Hailo, reveals how budgeting, forecasting and planning have helped t

Last month, we provided you with a host of business travel apps, for getting to and around your destination of choice.

If the trend continues, more and more people will be setting off on their own business ventures. The rate of self-employment and freelance workers is rising.

Stock market watchers and accountants who want mobile access to dividend payout information are being lured by a new mobile app that tracks announcements from companies listed on the London Stock E