We're putting together an introductory piece on ACCA's new iPad and iPhone apps. 


Xcentric vice president of Market Strategy Roy Keely guest blogs on the demise of boredom, via our US sister website


The recent announcement of several new record-keeping smartphone apps caused quite a stir. Nigel Harris takes a closer look at them.


Small business record-keeping apps are all the rage this week, after HMRC put out a statement announcing the availability of eight new record-keeping mobile phone applications for businesses below


Lemon is a new online tool, mainly targeted at consumer users, that allows you to keep receipts digitised and organised for better financial recordkeeping.


For many accountancy practitioners, April Fool’s day was no joke.

“What would you want to bother with Excel on an iPad?


Saw an advert on TV for spy text divert either a copy or actual text to someone elses phone.Have you been affected by this and what precautions can you take to protect yourself?

There are 000s of apps on the market can you recommend any specifically for accountants?


This autumn’s must-have accessory for the tech-savvy contractor must be an iPhone app, judging from the activities of those offering services to this sector.