Accounting firms should widen their audit services to avoid a fall in income after the turnover threshold for a compulsory audit is increased in 2015, a

I am ACCA qualified accountant with regular licence and I am looking for an audit experience (few months is required) so that I will be able to extend my licence to audit licence.


I have asked a couple of questions on this before, but I am still investigating on behalf of the company I am working for


The NAO has begin a public consultation on a draft code of practice for the audit of local public bodies.

KPMG has invited all its listed client companies to include in their annual reports broader qualitative commentary from the auditor.


An accountant has been excluded from the ICAEW and fined nearly £15,000 for issuing audit reports on beh


The number of audit firms in the UK and Ireland declined again in 2013, although at a slower rate than previous years,


We are group company with one subsidiary. i wish to inquire whether do we need to get our accounts audited.


Online betting company Betfair has admitted in its 2014 annual report