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The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has


KPMG partner Andrew Walker told MPs last week how he had advised Co-op Bank during its disastrous takeover of Britannia Building Society.


As part of the changes to the EU’s accounting directives, the level at which an organisation is exempt from audit has been raised.


As the Co-operative Bank prepares to cut hundreds of jobs as part of a rescue plan, questions have been asked about the thoroughness of it's auditor, KPMG. 


The Competition Commission (CC) has backtracked on its requirement for companies to tender for a new auditor every five years and instead is calling for FTSE 350 c


During the early part of this century UK and Ireland auditing standards were replaced by International Standards on Auditing (ISAs).


Audit firms with academies as their clients will be turning their attention to the 2013 audits and undoubtedly digesting the content of the latest

Finance bosses at the UK’s largest companies have claimed that they don’t understand the Competition Commission’s (CC) mandatory audit tendering proposals to refor

The education market is proving to be fertile ground for accounting software vendors who are developing specialist modules for academies and their accountants.