The FRC’s Accountancy and Actuarial Discipline Board (AADB) has revealed it will finally investigate PwC’s role as auditor of RSM Tenon.


I have two former holding companies within our UK group of companies.


I have a client who owns a group of four companies described below.


Company A.

Holding company.

No bank account, no transactions.


Company B.


As a follow-up to his article on audit completion, St

Accountants are complaining that longer working hours are having a detrimental effect on their health.


This is the first of two articles and relates to the completion of the external audit because this is an area that is prone to oversight, sometimes due to fee pressure or misunderstanding of th

We have an Audit client whose files have never been "Hot Reviewed"



We have a small property company, that unfortunately needs an audit.

Can anyone suggest a low cost, audit program or sotware that will assist us with this assignment?


Can an accounting practice that is owned and run by a non-accountant or unqualified accountant offer there clients Auditing and Insolvency services if the practice has chartered accountants on staf


Big Four firm PwC is in the spotlight again over its audit of RSM Tenon during a turbulent period for the listed accountancy firm.