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Autumn statement

Two changes were announced in the Autumn Statement to the treatment of goodwill on incorporation, which had immediate effect from 3 December 2014.

These were as follows:


The argument about how good or bad the Autumn Statement was for the country rumbles on and will probably do so until something more interesting captivates the nati

The government expects future growth to come from smaller businesses and as such targeted a large chunk of the

The government will introduce a diverted profits tax on multinational companies who move profits generated in the UK to lower tax locations overseas.


Given all the pre-announcements and leaks ahead of the 2014 Au


HMRC has published an issue briefing setting out how it intends to use new powers to recover tax and tax credit debt from bank accounts, following


A group representing self-employed taxpayers has called for a full merger of income tax and national insurance contributions and suggested the creation of a new “freelancer limited company” str


The Autumn Statement for 2014 will be given by George Osborne on 3 December 2014.

Tax professionals have welcomed the government’s decision to modify proposals for the direct recovery of tax debts from bank accounts.


IR35 creates uncertainty around contractors’ tax status, according to a survey of AccountingWEB members, with 58% of respondents indicating that clients found determining employment status to b