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I read an article recently which argued that it’s not helpful to criticise those who are “merely making legitimate use of UK legislation in a lawful and appropriate way”.


Shareholders comprising 80% of a small company waive their dividends for ten years in a row.  The non waiving shareholders are neither spouses nor are they minors.


The Guardian reported last week that Facebook “could pay millions of pounds in UK tax a


When making a TIS clearance application, do you apply under both s701 ITA 2007 and s748 CTA 2010, or just one?


Up to 78% of the public surveyed for HMRC recently believe that other people are dodging tax, according to research papers published last week.


HMRC have sent letters to HSBC Jersey account holders asking them to declare any undisclosed tax liabilities – or face a tax evasion investigation.


The Revenue has revealed draft clauses for the Finance Bill 2016 concerning HMRC criminal powers, new penalties for those falling foul of the GAAR and measures to help tackle serial tax avoider


George Osborne has given the General Anti-Abuse Rule (GAAR) more teeth with new penalties in the Autumn Statement 2015.


First of all I'll just clarify that I do not work in the accountancy trade, although I had some training in the field at the beginning of my career.


The Chancellor has said the government will raise more than £5bn by tackling tax evasion and “aggressive” tax avoidance.