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I have just finished a phone call to my bank to sort out the interest rate on my savings account. It automatically went down to 0.2% and I have got it pushed up to 0.5% ...yippee


It’s nearly the weekend, but first here are some news headlines to kick off your Friday morning.


Regulator to review SME hedging


The British Bankers’ Association (BBA) says a planned shake up of the banks could force millions of people to have a new bank account sort code.


You've reached the middle of the road, it's only a couple of days until Friday now. Keep going, the end is in sight! But first, a brief glance at the day's stories.



The Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) will launch an


Banks are increasingly offering a "Loyalty Reward" (or similar words) to be credited to business accounts (probably as a sop for their increased charges).


Last week I formed a company for someone.  This week he tried to open a bank account and the bank want a letter from the accountant "confirming what the company is going to do".


And so it begins:

The government will introduce new legislation forcing high street banks to refer rejected small businesses to alternative finance providers and a new wave of chall


Is it possible we may finally get an answer after the latest stress tests?