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Last week I formed a company for someone.  This week he tried to open a bank account and the bank want a letter from the accountant "confirming what the company is going to do".


And so it begins:

The government will introduce new legislation forcing high street banks to refer rejected small businesses to alternative finance providers and a new wave of chall


Is it possible we may finally get an answer after the latest stress tests?

Cloud accounting firm Clear Books has been selected for a new online service Santander is offering small business banking customers,

A website that allows small to medium sized businesses to compare accounts and products of over 70 UK banks has recently been launched. 

Credit Suisse helped thousands of its US customers conceal their Swiss accounts and avoid billions of dollars in American taxes, a new report has alleged.

Why is it that every time Ed Miliband opens his mouth about business or money we all come out in spots and yawn ?

Rhetorical question acutally ....


The past 12 months have seen yet more trouble for Britain's banks. Robert Lovell looks back at the reputational wreckage.