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The National Audit Office (NAO) has revealed the Treasury provided 


UK banks' 2012 profits have been wiped out by mistakes and fines, but banks have made progress, thanks to fall in bad debts and strong performance from investment


Banks and building societies cut loans to households and businesses by almost £2bn despite drawing £13.8bn from the government’s Funding for Lending scheme in its


Back in July, it emerged that 28,000 businesses were sold inappropriate inter


Failures at HSBC led to the bank being used as a conduit for "drug kingpins and rogue nations", according to a

Business managers and their advisers are wrestling with the financial fallout from interest rate hedging products offered by their banks that went wrong.


The Co-operative Bank has launched a new online banking service to help accountancy firms manage money on behalf of clients.


Chancellor George Osborne has warned that bankers would find a way of avoiding an EU financial transaction tax (FTT) and it would in fact hit pensioners the hardest.

A New Zealand-based specialist in building interfaces to banking data is opening its doors to UK accounting practices that want to automate bookkeeping duties for their business clients.