Failures at HSBC led to the bank being used as a conduit for "drug kingpins and rogue nations", according to a

Business managers and their advisers are wrestling with the financial fallout from interest rate hedging products offered by their banks that went wrong.


The Co-operative Bank has launched a new online banking service to help accountancy firms manage money on behalf of clients.


Chancellor George Osborne has warned that bankers would find a way of avoiding an EU financial transaction tax (FTT) and it would in fact hit pensioners the hardest.

A New Zealand-based specialist in building interfaces to banking data is opening its doors to UK accounting practices that want to automate bookkeeping duties for their business clients.


I have removed the Blog post as the situation was just too complicted to explain clearly.  Alan Kennedy

The company that I work for breached its bank covenants in 2009 and had to ask for a waiver and was put on special measures by the lender for several months.