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I have removed the Blog post as the situation was just too complicted to explain clearly.  Alan Kennedy

The company that I work for breached its bank covenants in 2009 and had to ask for a waiver and was put on special measures by the lender for several months.

The UK's five largest banks have come under increasing pressure to lend more to small business under the terms of the Project Merlin agreement.


Two MPs have written to RBS demanding an explanation of its use of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) to distort its financial position by up to £25bn.

The Independent Commission on Banking’s (ICB) interim report has recommended a separation of how retail and investment banking businesses operate.


We are small VAT registered design agency with a new important client, which happens to be a bank.


Protesters from UK Uncut targeted nearly 50 branches of Barclays Bank on Saturday in a “bail-in” action to protest at the b


Think-tank New Economics Foundation (NEF) has issued a briefing asking whether banks would be making any profit at all without billions in hidden subsidies from the British taxpayer and bank cu