Protesters from UK Uncut targeted nearly 50 branches of Barclays Bank on Saturday in a “bail-in” action to protest at the b


Think-tank New Economics Foundation (NEF) has issued a briefing asking whether banks would be making any profit at all without billions in hidden subsidies from the British taxpayer and bank cu


The government has confirmed the long-awaited Project Merlin agreement resulting in the UK’s largest banks lending £76bn specifically to small firms – up £10bn from last year.

ACCA senior policy adviser Emmanouil Schizas examines the prospects for the government’s Project Merlin policy to stimulate small business lending.


In the past and currently I am involved with many businesses, clubs and voluntary organisations, which involve my either becoming or being removed as a signatory, and in most cases having internet


Good Morning,

Has anyone ever experienced any difficulty obtaining a year end bank audit report for a client from Halifax Plc?


We are being evicted from our clients' account because Lloyds don't want to carry an account with many thousands in it unless we have our business banking with them.  It's taken them about 10 years


Vince Cable promised to shine “a harsh light into the murky world of corporate behaviour” yesterday, but critics claim his attack was less about helping UK enterprise and more about political p


The ex chancellor has acknowledged that the tax failed to change the industry’s behaviour concerning pay and that employees found “imaginative” ways to avoid it.