Two MPs have written to RBS demanding an explanation of its use of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) to distort its financial position by up to £25bn.

The Independent Commission on Banking’s (ICB) interim report has recommended a separation of how retail and investment banking businesses operate.


We are small VAT registered design agency with a new important client, which happens to be a bank.


Protesters from UK Uncut targeted nearly 50 branches of Barclays Bank on Saturday in a “bail-in” action to protest at the b


Think-tank New Economics Foundation (NEF) has issued a briefing asking whether banks would be making any profit at all without billions in hidden subsidies from the British taxpayer and bank cu


The government has confirmed the long-awaited Project Merlin agreement resulting in the UK’s largest banks lending £76bn specifically to small firms – up £10bn from last year.

ACCA senior policy adviser Emmanouil Schizas examines the prospects for the government’s Project Merlin policy to stimulate small business lending.


In the past and currently I am involved with many businesses, clubs and voluntary organisations, which involve my either becoming or being removed as a signatory, and in most cases having internet


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Has anyone ever experienced any difficulty obtaining a year end bank audit report for a client from Halifax Plc?