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Vince Cable promised to shine “a harsh light into the murky world of corporate behaviour” yesterday, but critics claim his attack was less about helping UK enterprise and more about political p


The ex chancellor has acknowledged that the tax failed to change the industry’s behaviour concerning pay and that employees found “imaginative” ways to avoid it.


HSBC reported pre-tax profits of £7bn for Q1 this year (more than double last year’s figure), while chancellor George Osborne renewed calls for banks to lend more to businesses.

The government has proposed new measures to force UK banks to lend to small companies.

The government is considering a second tax on bankers' pay and profits, and will launch a consultation on whether to make employers disclose salary rates, but employers in the sector remain con


This week saw the launch of several new sets of proposed FRC guidelines relating to accountability in corporate and bank reporting, reigniting the debate about the way the sector is regulated.

G20 leaders failed to agree on a new bank tax at a summit this week in Canada, leaving it up to individual countries to make their own arrangements.

After months of speculation a death sentence has been served on the Financial Services Authority (FSA) as chancellor George Osborne puts in place a new financial regulatory regime designed to f

George Osborne is expected to reveal changes to the structure of the FSA, as well as laying out a new bank levy in his first Mansion House speech this week.

The Bank of England has announced today that interest rates will remain at 0.5% in a bid to lend stability to jittery markets.