George Osborne is expected to reveal changes to the structure of the FSA, as well as laying out a new bank levy in his first Mansion House speech this week.

The Bank of England has announced today that interest rates will remain at 0.5% in a bid to lend stability to jittery markets.

A leaked PwC report indicates that a planned overhaul of the banking system could plunge the country back into recession.


Gordon Brown has admitted he should have done more manage the regulatory regime correctly, but that won’t stop some £6.8bn in bonuses being handed out to City workers this year.

The Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation has released a detailed summary of the two new proposed bank taxes.

The International Monetary Fund has put forward proposals for two separate new taxes on banks to avoid public money being spent on future bank bailouts.

Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films is the latest celebrity to back the proposed tax on banks.


Lloyds TSB has criticised a new scheme which gives an independent adjudicator the ability to overturn a bank’s decision to deny loans to small companies.


It will come as no surprise to most that banks are at the bottom of the list of trusted sources of business advice, but it seems accountants are rather more popular – over a third of SMEs voted

Politicians are calling for an independent valuation of the government’s asset protection scheme following controversy over publicly funded plans to insure Royal Bank of Scotland’s toxic loans.