Lloyds TSB has criticised a new scheme which gives an independent adjudicator the ability to overturn a bank’s decision to deny loans to small companies.


It will come as no surprise to most that banks are at the bottom of the list of trusted sources of business advice, but it seems accountants are rather more popular – over a third of SMEs voted

Politicians are calling for an independent valuation of the government’s asset protection scheme following controversy over publicly funded plans to insure Royal Bank of Scotland’s toxic loans.

The British Bankers Association (BBA) has hit back at claims from the Institute of Directors (IoD) that more than half of businesses seeking bank finance were rejected last year.

Two top executives at Barclays have elected to forgo their 2009 bonuses in a bid to strengthen their hand in influencing regulatory reform in the banking sector.

Businesses are five times more confident in their ability to access financial support this year than they were last year, according to a new study of UK business owners.

Tax Research UK has today submitted a report to IMF which supports the idea of taxing banks’ financial

Nearly 60% of businesses seeking bank finance in 2009/10 were rejected by their bank, and 20% are financing their businesses to some extent with credit cards according to IoD data.

Support is building for a global bank tax and a deal could be agreed at the G20 in June, said Gordon Brown this week.


A group calling itself ‘The Robin Hood Tax campaign’ is calling for the government to back a tax on banks’ financial transactions which would be used to tackle poverty and climate change.