Big Four

KPMG increased revenue by five per cent to £1.90bn in the

Despite a year of turmoil for the Big Four accountancy firms, all four have reported increased revenues for 2014.


PwC has seen a 3% increase in its annual profit up to £772m, including a 2%

Over 1,300 lawyers and accountants were paid more than £1m in the UK last year, a


Chinese affiliates of the Big Four accounting firms have appealed a US judge ruling suspending them from auditing US-traded clients for six months.

Big Four accountancy firm willhave to pay $8.2m to settle c


The Competition Commission (CC) has backtracked on its requirement for companies to tender for a new auditor every five years and instead is calling for FTSE 350 c


UK revenues for EY rose by 6% to £1.7bn this year according to the 

The Big Four accountancy firms plan to hire more than 13,000 in the UK over the next year to meet strong demand for their business advice.