New to self employed bookkeeping world I'm a part qualified CIMA student(management level) with many(10+) years experience in accounts from the basics all through including VAT, dealing with audito


Excel probably remains the most popular application within accountancy, but that situation could be changing, AccountingWEB’s


I've recently taken on a client who's bookkeeping was maintained by their previous accountant.


Bookkeepers and accountants who offer bookkeeping services will need to adapt to change in order for the role to survive, according to AccountingWEB members.


I am looking to confirm how long it should take me to carry out my bookkeeping each month - comments would be really useful.


A Shropshire chartered accountant is expanding its cloud accounting and bookkeeping system to meet rising demand.

A client has had his bookkeeping done by a bookkeeper who has used an excel based system called Mr Spreadsheet.


Sadly the public are often unaware of the differences between accountants and bookkeepers.


Now that the dust has settled on the Companies Act 2006, does the Forum believe that Limited Companies may use single entry bookkeeping, for example a spreadsheet, rather than double entry bookkeep


I don't mind calculating and posting depreciation, but I get a bit irked about correcting VAT, calculating interest on DLA, sorting out negative petty cash balances, and correcting sundry mispostin