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Hi there guys, I came across the books section of AccountingWEB's forums recently and I would love to maximise its potential. At the moment, the books focus largely on straight accountancy.


Many years ago I spent many happy hours laying naked with Mark Lloydbottom. But no, it’s not what you think...explains Steve Pipe.


Who says accountants aren’t creative? Publishers believe they have found the next big hit: A novel about witches written by a former accountant.


Hi all does anyone know when I can get hold of the study book for this module or has one to sell? Many thanks


I have a client who publishes technical books so they are more likely to stay in date for several years and presumably more easily changed if held electornically


Winter jumpers are being pulled out of hibernation, Christmas lights are twinkling and temperatures are sinking below zero - it's definitely time to settle down in a comfy corner with a good boo


Through the mire of the e-book versus paperback debate, there appears to

As former director and founder member of the PCG, Philip Ross is well positioned to document the rise of the PCG, its revolutionary battle against the IR35 legislation and the subsequent fallou

I read a lot of business books, but despite giving lots of presentations I’ve never read one on the topic.

Two solid, blue coloured, second edition paperbacks do what they say they do in their titles, explains Gail Purvis.