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Budget 2010

These tables reflect announcements made on 24 March, 22 June and 2 & 9 December 2010.


What will the new VAT regime mean for UK business? Neil Warren offers a summary of the key risks and considerations.


The Institute of Payroll Professionals’ Karen Thomson outlines some of the key changes to pensions to come from the recent Budget.

The  government has a once in a generation opportunity to redesign the way the public services are delivered and to develop more streamlined processes that produce far greater value for money,

What impact will Osborne's Emergency Budget have on you and your clients? Read the answers our panel of experts gave on 25 June. 

Shimon Shaw offers an appraisal of the new corporation tax regime.


Chancellor George Osborne dashed the hopes of many IT specialists as his austerity measures took effect in the coalition government’s first emergency Budget.


Simon Sweetman offers his assessment of the small business measures introduced in the Budget.


Graham Duckett explores the importance of planning for retirement and what the budget has meant for pensions.

The Emergency Budget contained some signficant measures which will affect employers and the jobs market in general, according to business leaders and the CIPD.