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Budget 2010

A new annual allowance of £30,000 - £45,000 will be introduced, while tax relief will continue to be given at the marginal rate.


The reductions in corporation tax rates were balanced in the June Budget by lower capital allowances. Rebecca Benneyworth explains how they will work.


The Government will introduce a levy from 1 January 2011 on banks and financial institutions holding assets of £20bn or more.


There was good news in for the tourism industry in the Budget, as it was announced the generous treatment of holiday lettings will continue.


The National Insurance contribution rate rises proposed by Mr Darling will take effect next April, as confirmed by the Press Notice issued after today's Budget.


As widely anticipated, the chancellor announced that Value Added Tax (VAT) would go up to 20%, but implementation will be delayed until 4 January 2011.

AccountingWEB.co.uk is providing live coverage of the Emergency Budget on 22 June.


George Osborne is expected to announce a freeze on council tax in tomorrow's Emergency Budget in a bid to soften the blow of harsh tax rises elsewhere and public sector cuts.

David Cameron may be insisting on showing the world that "Britain is open for business", but business owners are suspicious of what's in George Osborne's little red box ahead of tomorrow's Budg

New businesses outside London and the South East won't have to pay National Insurance for their first 10 employees under a new scheme to be unveiled in Tuesday's Emergency Budget.