The Autumn Statement (formerly known as the Pre-Budget Report) for 2013 will be provided by George Osborne on Thursday 5 December 2013.

Having spoken recently to an accountant who was keen to know what return he would get for his investment in a marketing campaign, I am surprised that I don't have this conversation more often w

Have you ever found yourself chasing a prospect who just can't seem to commit?

We all know that the British have two obsessions - the weather and house prices, writes Jennifer Adams.

Okay , I declare an interest - I was a member of AWeb's revered and distinguished budget panel . I have never paid so much attention to a budget before .


Or simply to "standard salary" payments?




Ho hum , another budget , coming up on Wednesday . From speaking to people it is that there is total apathy .


European Union leaders agreed on their first ever budget cut in the EU’s 56-year history last Friday.


With all eyes in Britain on the Chancellor's Autumn Statement on Wednesday, Ireland's Budget announcements may have gone unnoticed. 

The European Court of Auditors (ECA) has found substantial errors in the European Union's 2011 accounts, resulting in a qualification.