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Having decided not to introduce any reforms to the national insurance contributions regime in his November pre-budget report, Alistair Darling's 2008 budget instead included a consultation document


Following forecasts of a general slow down in the UK’s economy Alastair Darling will not be giving too much away in his first budget on Wednesday.


An overview of main changes coming to the CGT regime on 6th April 2008 with some of the planning pitfalls to take into consideration prior to the new regime and beyond.


Is it actually possible to measure efficiency savings? The Public Accounts Committee have cast major doubt over the Treasury’s claims.


Poor old small business! The Pre-Budget Report does not give much encouragement to do anything other than sell up, it seems. Where did things all go so badly wrong?


Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is going to be reformed for individuals, trustees and personal representatives, but not for companies. New measures will apply from 6th April 2008.


Alistair Darling was cautious in his first Pre-budget Report


Correcting over zealous anti-avoidance rules for investment partnerships