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Measures doubling the threshold below which taxpayers do not need to make in-year payments on account of their annual income tax liability under the ITSA system are set to affect over 300,000 with

A summary of the main tax announcements from the Pre-Budget Report, combined with 2008/09 measures which were announced back in March 2007 by Mr Darling’s predecessor:


There were no major VAT changes in Alistair Darling’s Pre-Budget Report today, although to be fair we weren’t expecting any as indirect tax changes tend to be announced only in the spring budget.

PBR 2007 - LIVE Running commentary

Stay tuned or click back - Accounting Web will be running a live update of Alistair Darling's Pre-Budget Report (PBR) below.

In the direct aftermath of the Conservative Party Conference, and in the shadow of downwardly revised growth predictions for the national economy, Gordon Brown’s toy chancellor steps up to the box

Tucked into the supplementary budget notes is HMRC’s update on how things are going in connection with its plan to cut red tape which was announced in the previous budget as “Delivering a new relat


One of the television commentators on the 2007 budget referred to Gordon Brown as a conjuror. I tend to agree.


For a Chancellor planning to leave No 11 and move next door, Mr Brown’s last Budget included a wide range of announcements stretching through the next three years.

The Budget brought the next phase in the Government’s move against the managed service company (MSC) sector.


The consultation considered last summer on the changes to the capital allowance regime for cars produced much welcome response from concerned parties.