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It seems like a good week to share my thoughts on public speaking, as I've been giving a lot of talks about the recent Budget. 

…and worry about something else instead.


Pensions were one of the winners of yesterday’s Budget, as the Chancellor announced a raft of measures to increase the flexibility of defined contribution benefit


It's fast approaching and you can't ignore it - in this week's video blog, I talk about the 'B' word (Budget, of course) and why accountants should take notice.

The Lib Dems said over the weekend that raising the personal income tax allowance to £12,500 will be a key demand in any coalition talks after the 2015 election.


The Autumn Statement (formerly known as the Pre-Budget Report) for 2013 will be provided by George Osborne on Thursday 5 December 2013.

Having spoken recently to an accountant who was keen to know what return he would get for his investment in a marketing campaign, I am surprised that I don't have this conversation more often w

Have you ever found yourself chasing a prospect who just can't seem to commit?

We all know that the British have two obsessions - the weather and house prices, writes Jennifer Adams.

Okay , I declare an interest - I was a member of AWeb's revered and distinguished budget panel . I have never paid so much attention to a budget before .