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AccountingWEB.co.uk members have been very vocal with their thoughts on this year's Budget, so we've gathered together a collection of insights from around the community.


The Chancellor’s car scrappage scheme has been largely welcomed by the automotive industry but questions linger over how effective it is likely to be.

The beneficial tax treatment afforded to Furnished Holiday lettings (FHL) in the UK extends to favourable treatment of losses – permitting them to be set against other income in the same way as tra


We've all heard what the Chancellor has to say, but what do the accounting and business communities think of this year's Budget?


  • The full rate of corporation tax for the Financial year 2010 starting 1 April 2010 will remain 28%

  • Personal allowances and tax bands (including national insurance rates and bands) were, as expected, unchanged from those announced in November as part of the Pre Budget Report.

A new scheme to enable them to purchase 'top-up'trade credit insurance from the government if credit limits on their UK customers are reduced has received a cool reception from UK business comm

Alistair Darling has promised not to allow short term job losses to become long term unemployment, announcing a raft of new measures aimed at helping the jobless gain skills and find work, repo