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Simon Sweetman looks at the road ahead for tax policy now that the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have formed their coalition.


Plans to increase capital gains tax on investments to 40 or 50% could result in a mass sell-off of residential properties, according to analysts.


VAT will increase to 20% before the end of 2011, according to leading economists.


 i unfortunately did not get to see the webinar

given the wash up i presume that there may still be time to implement usefull strategies

am i correct

The House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee will publish its annual report on the Finance Bill this week.

This Budget Day, AccountingWEB.co.uk teamed up with BDO Stoy Hayward and challenged members to guess how many times the chancellor would utter the word ‘downturn’.

The Budget also brought an announcement of an improvement to the Business Payment Support Scheme (BPSS).

AccountingWEB.co.uk members have been very vocal with their thoughts on this year's Budget, so we've gathered together a collection of insights from around the community.


The Chancellor’s car scrappage scheme has been largely welcomed by the automotive industry but questions linger over how effective it is likely to be.