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We've all heard what the Chancellor has to say, but what do the accounting and business communities think of this year's Budget?


  • The full rate of corporation tax for the Financial year 2010 starting 1 April 2010 will remain 28%

  • Personal allowances and tax bands (including national insurance rates and bands) were, as expected, unchanged from those announced in November as part of the Pre Budget Report.

A new scheme to enable them to purchase 'top-up'trade credit insurance from the government if credit limits on their UK customers are reduced has received a cool reception from UK business comm

Alistair Darling has promised not to allow short term job losses to become long term unemployment, announcing a raft of new measures aimed at helping the jobless gain skills and find work, repo

VAT-registered businesses that supply goods (but not services) to business customers registered in other EU countries have to complete a quarterly EC Sales List (ECL), largely to provide the Govern

A new electronic VAT Refund procedure is being introduced across the EU from 1 January 2010 to replace the current paper-based system.

Well, you wouldn’t call it a Budget for small business, but then most of what might have mattered was in the PBR anyway.