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For various businesses, the budgeting and planning process, although time consuming and demanding, is one of the most crucial activities of the year.


“Complete waste of time”

“Never had a positive use for them”

“A completely pointless activity”


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With the annual budgeting challenge here once again I thought this would be a reasonable time to look into this thorny issue.


Nicole Anasenes, chief financial officer (CFO) at business application software provider Infor, says when it comes to forecasting and budgeting, they eat their own dog food by using the company


Andrew Grice, deputy finance director at the University of Bristol, explains how he plans, forecasts and budgets.

You wouldn’t play football in the fog if you couldn’t see the goal, says Stuart Sheldrick, a director and shareholder of Chelmsford-based accounting firm

Poor forecasting by government departments is an “entrenched problem”, leading to poor value for money and increased costs for taxpayers, according to the National


When finance managers turn their attention to forecasting and planning, they should start by reviewing the tools they use, suggests SAP’s Will Newton.

Two thirds of FDs surveyed said data quality and consistency was the biggest business challenge they face when it comes to budgeting, forecasting and reporting.


Nick Lally, finance director at black cab app developer Hailo, reveals how budgeting, forecasting and planning have helped t