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Individual functions, such as sales marketing, operations and the supply chain, can contribute to the overall objective, explains Rod Newing.


The use of spreadsheets for building systems to plan, budget and report have clear limitations, reports Rod Newing.



With the banks asking for more financial information I wondered if anyone can point me in the direction of a ready made Excel product.


Gordon Perchthold and Jenny Sutton outline how to extract more value from consultants by managing the relationship more effectively.

We are looking to implement a bdgeting/forecasting package to replace our large collection of ever more complicated spreadsheets.


Budgeting continues to be the subject of controversy and debate among AccountingWEB members. To cater for this interest, AccountingWEB has assembled a catalogue of relevant material.

Seven of David Carter's self-teach tutorials on Excel pivot tables are about budgets.

When reporting actuals against budget, you often find that your budget categories don’t match the nominal codes in the accounts package.