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Late payments were characterised as a crisis in all the major parties’ manifestos, but Steven Renwick, the founder and chief executive of credit control software firm Satago,


Hi there, 

I am a very new self-employed. 


I have a statement from a seller (Amazon) that shows a summary of the months sales, expenses and then how much they have paid into my bank account.


With new pension freedom legislation going live in April, it seems most of the buzz has been around personal investment or spending opportunities.

When it comes to starting your own business, having the right accounting software can make all the difference – here are some reasons why having the right accounting software is important.

The case of Dipak Patel v HMRC examines whether or not two trades conducted by the appellant were carried out on a commercial basis with a view to the realisation of profits, or merely as a hobby.

The case of Dennis White v HMRC illustrates the importance of an adequate record keeping system and keeping business and private expenditure separate in a business.

The Autumn Statement in December 2014 included a surprise amendment to the rules affecting how goodwill is treated on the incorporation of a trading business.

Paying tax is just one of life’s necessary evils. Conducting your own accounting can be tricky, yet hiring a professional is expensive.

Professional Services companies who generate revenue through managing and delivering projects for clients need access to clear information about all projects and resources in order to gro