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I have two small clients trying to open new business bank accounts for SEIS and EIS start ups.


A few years ago in a CEO Diary post, I discussed the importance of knowing why you are doing what you are doing.

On his final appearance for Ulster rugby club in 2008, David Humphreys led the team onto the pitch to a standing ovation from the home crowd.

There is a trend developing - a crossover with technology that took off in the consumer world now being used in the world of business.

Here at AccountingWEB, we try our best to be the profession’s advanced guard, do the legwork and to report back on what we hear and see.


As I’ve now posted a couple of pieces on the site I thought it would be polite to introduce myself.


Restrictions which had previously prevented small business to access finance through invoices will 


AccountingWEB founder Ben Heald, the original Prudent Surfer, now plays a more strategic role as our parent company’s C

There’s a culture of working enormously long hours in many workplaces. And it’s killing us – literally. The Japanese have even coined an original word for death by overtime: Karoshi.