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business continuity planning

Now that the dust appears to have settled from UK-wide rioting, AccountingWEB members have looking at the practical effects on businesses.


Trading on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) was halted for nearly four hours after the market opened following yet another technical glitch in its new computer system.

The ICAEW IT Faculty published an introductory guide to business continuity management (BCM) just before Christmas.

Workers stuck overseas following this week's travel chaos cause payroll headaches for employers.


After many years as a good old PQ, I have felt forced to obtain letters after my name - AAT.


Once a by-word for manufacturing quality, Toyota has taken a beating over its repeated vehicle recalls.

David Coverdale outlines how to minimise the disruption to your business during the adverse weather conditions.


Andrew Barnes suggests some simple steps to keep your IT up and running without breaking the bank.


It's people, not property, who make the business, so what are you doing to ensure your practice's growth for the future, asks Nicola Draper.

Crisis management expert Peter Roberts explains how businesses can protect their staff and maintain healthy operation during the autumn flu season.