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business expenses

Business travel is on the rise, and with it, travel spending and related expenses.

Are there any formalities around expenses originating from outside of the UK?


A sole trader who was acquitted of manslaughter but convicted of perverting the course of justice has lost an appeal to deduct his legal costs from his tax bill.


Accountants whose clients deduct business expenses from their tax bill need to ensure that the expenses are solely for the purpose of trade, two recent tax cases have shown.


A director has agreed not to claim (legitimate) travel expenses until external finance is raised to fund a product being developed to market.


Value added tax issues continue to be an area of confusion among businesses and individuals alike, explains Concur director


There is a distinct divide between those who believe that business is about money and those who think it is about passion. Indeed, both are true.

While many employees would happily own up to stealing the odd pen, workplace theft is a serious offence which in some cases can carry a jail term, explains

My accountant is on holiday, so I can't reach him. He asked me to enter all my expenses for my Partnership, using VT software.


I work from home and often purchase items that I mainly use for my business say leaflets but ocassional personal use e.g printer cartridge