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Business owners and managers often seek magic answers or shortcuts to business success, says Mike Foster.The principles underpinning success are simple, but you have to work effectively to achi


Over the last few months I have been privileged to start working with some really great small accountancy firms helping them double or triple the size of their firm.


I was reading Man of Kent's recent blog on where do you want to go got me thinking.


Most top 100 accounting firms are under pressure to do more work for lower fees and are finding it difficult to sustain growth through greater cross-selling, according to

In the next few weeks the Bank of England will have a new Governor when Sir Mervyn King retires. His successor, Canadian Mark Carney, inherits the role on July 1.

In 2006, the then Labour government introduced “pension simplification”.


Last week I discussed the importance of assessing and working towards a number of strategic KPIs for businesses looking to be acquired.

Business groups have criticised the Queen's Speech saying it lacked a plan for growth and ther



Although finance professionals have access to a wealth of data, a lack of transparency of business processes makes it difficult to identify the most profitable business areas.