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My restaurant is turning over around £150k per year, we are considering switching to the 12.5% flat rate, but I wondered if we would I be able to lease the restaurant to other companies on differen


Trying to confirm the exact VAT position for sales of ebooks through Amazon. Both HMRC and Amazon are of no help.


Hi - we have a Nigerian client who is attending one of our training courses in the UK - do we need to charge UK VAT on the sales invoice?


A beekeeping couple from Cornwall have won the right not to file VAT returns online due to religious reasons at a f


I've just recently incorporated from a sole trader business over to a ltd. company and I'm struggling to find the answer to how business expenses (relating to the non vat registered ltd.


Hi, I have a client who is working for a UK company and invoices for their services to this company (inc VAT) as normal. However, some of their work is undertaken in the Netherlands.


I am the owner of a commercial property.  I am going to convert the upper floors into two flats.  Should I be paying VAT on goods and services required for the conversion?


Claiming VAT on pre-registration assets

The HMRC website states that you are able to claim back VAT on assets purchased before you are registered for VAT.



I'm about to take on a client to help them sort out quite a big pickle ... there are lots of areas to cover, so please bear with me! 


Hi there - a quick query: