The Vatican bank has published accounts for the first time as part of an effort to be more open after financial scandal

I recently formed a limited liability company (LTD) in late August and still in the process of setting up the business bank account, acquisition of merchant and integrating them with my eCommerce s


A longer break than usual between blog posts – a lovely holiday in Ireland, followed by a particularly busy summer. Hopefully I will be doing some more writing again soon!

Our business is on the annual accounting scheme and so cannot claim VAT back on imports under £2000.


A finance director has been ordered to repay more than £340,000 in compensation to th

Slightly odd one this.


I need business orientated individuals to help young 18-30 entrepreneurs start their first business venture.


Hi, I work for a small retail company and produce stat accounts for the 3 companies involved.


Struggling with the logic of the HMRC requirement to deduct NI on irregular payments (eg holiday pay) made after an employee has left and his/her P45 has been issued.  Where this could have been ca


After several months of off/on connections to the internet, I am finally completely without a cable connection that connects to the internet.