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RSA Insurance Group is facing a fine of £35m following the discovery of a £200m black hole in its Irish subsidiary’s finances.


With effect from 6th April 2014 most employers will be entitled to claim back the first £2000 of Class 1 secondary NI (Employers NI).


A European Court decision has been decided, and remains somewhat ‘under the radar.’ This concerns the VAT treatment of an individual generating electricity and then selling it onto the national gri

hi, I am moving job soon and taking on manufacturing accounting not something I have great experience experience is on the commercial side.  Could anyone recommend a good solid text book o


The Vatican bank has published accounts for the first time as part of an effort to be more open after financial scandal

I recently formed a limited liability company (LTD) in late August and still in the process of setting up the business bank account, acquisition of merchant and integrating them with my eCommerce s


A longer break than usual between blog posts – a lovely holiday in Ireland, followed by a particularly busy summer. Hopefully I will be doing some more writing again soon!

Our business is on the annual accounting scheme and so cannot claim VAT back on imports under £2000.


A finance director has been ordered to repay more than £340,000 in compensation to th

Slightly odd one this.