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I am interested in buying a cleaning company with turnover of about £60,000 for £20,000 from the owner who owns all the 10 shares in the company.


Renting out a residential property is a popular way for individuals to increase their annual income, but it is important that responsibilities, such as reporting tax on rental income to HMRC, are n

A company with £20,000 annual profit which Buys a £1600 laptop, or Donates £200 to charity Does not get do do these at zero cost in real terms. They both still cost around 80% of the price paid it


I have a client who has owned and run a residential lettings 'business' for some thirty years. The portfolio consists of six properties, and totals 14 lettable units.


Client works from home and converted his garage to an office when employing staff. Conversion is not structural but partitioning, electrical etc.


I'm fairly sure I know that answer to this but can't find anything absolutely definitive so would appreciate some clarification from the brains trust:



Hello could someone give me the reference in the legislation concerning repairs and renewals v capital of investment property works? Thanks


Hi Everyone,


I was wondering if anyone knows how to access the old share capital forms on the Companies House website now?


An upper tribunal decided that HMRC was correc