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Calling all tax advisers .....

So VW has rigged its emissions. This could be a bit of a windfall for HMRC in terms of over claimed capital allowances and underpaid car benefit, although no penalties can possibly apply.


Can capital allowances be transferred on a sale by a mortgagee in possession and, if so, how is this achieved?


The annual investment allowance (AIA) is a sensible tax incentive that manages to combine a measure of tax simplification with real cash flow advantages.

The government’s convoluted stance on the annual investment allowance means that it is able to win favourable headlines for helping businesses with tax relief on capital expenditures up to £200,000

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I have been out of practice for a few years, only just returning, and was considering a question that popped into my head when looking over some old papers.


Businesses are missing out on millions of pounds of tax allowances when buying commercial property, says CCH Insight. 


Is there a minimum capital amount under which equipment can be written off as straight expenses or what other rules/guidance applies to this?


A tribunal decision that a laundry was a commercial building in an enterprise zone for the purpose of a claim to industrial buildings allowances may improve the chances of a successful loss rel