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capital allowances

I recently gave a talk on capital allowances claims.


I think I know the answer to this question but am just wanting somebody to confirm if I am correct or not.



I’ve picked up a client who has purchased a franchise, as sole trader.


The previous accountant has claimed WDA on capital allowances on the franchise cost!



Next, the clothing and household furnishings retailer, has lost an appeal worth £19m to claim tax allowances for its warehouses. Nick Huber reports.

in year 1 company buys goods for 50,000 claim for AIA made

in year 2 there is a robbery so there is a capital loss of 50,000


In the days of FYA's, I recall that when equipment was purchased to hire out FYA were not available.


A prospective client has previously done his own self assessment tax returns.


The Finance Bill 2012 has relaxed some rules for claiming capital allowances for plant and machinery capital allowances on fixtures in a property but tightened others.


From April this year, businesses acquiring property must take care not to inadvertently overlook a valuable tax relief, explains The


I recently employed the services of a marketing company to help us create some more business for our capital allowances services.