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capital gains tax

Working out how much capital gains tax (CGT) is due on the goodwill of an accounting firm that has been sold can be tricky, but a recent tribunal may help.

Do any members have any information on whether there are any CGT reliefs when selling a buy-to let domestic property, when another property is bought as replacement.


A relation of mine owns a rental property that they jointly owned with their husband for about 7 years.


Owners of stately homes are a fairly rare breed but those that open their doors to the public will be considering whether they can benefit from a recent Court of Appeal Case.


Excuse first post..

We are about to sell a business asset and have incurred costs in doing so (legal fees, business adviser fees, travel and so on).


I own a couple of properties in London, one of which was main main private residence until March 2012 (until 2 years back).


Suppose X bought £100,000 worth of ordinary shares in a private company and Enterprise Investment Scheme rules applied.


My client owns two properties. One (property 1)  bought 17 years ago, lived in for six months and then rented out.



I would like others thoughts on an issue I have.

Property owned for 22 years and recently sold.

Basically lived in for 2 years at purchase = MAIN RESIDENCE RELIEF