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capital gains tax

HM Revenue & Customs have announced the targets of their latest Task Force.


I have a client who has been living in a house for over 10 years.  The house and mortgage was in his mothers name however the mortgage payment came out of his bank account.


In the second in a series of AccountingWEB articles summarising the key measures in

Further to a recent question of mine, I have been tasked with finding a way around the 28% rate of CGT for a client of mine who wishes to dispose of his entire residential letting portfolio.


Working out how much capital gains tax (CGT) is due on the goodwill of an accounting firm that has been sold can be tricky, but a recent tribunal may help.

Do any members have any information on whether there are any CGT reliefs when selling a buy-to let domestic property, when another property is bought as replacement.


A relation of mine owns a rental property that they jointly owned with their husband for about 7 years.


Owners of stately homes are a fairly rare breed but those that open their doors to the public will be considering whether they can benefit from a recent Court of Appeal Case.


Excuse first post..

We are about to sell a business asset and have incurred costs in doing so (legal fees, business adviser fees, travel and so on).