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Apparently, this Bolton man has been sent a letter f


HMRC has published an updated guide to capital gains tax rules in the hope of reducing errors in tax returns.

The upper tribunal has ruled that a painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds is a “wasting asset” and exempt from c


Hi can anyone help me out here, I have a following situation, when I first came to UK from another EU country, I brought with myself a different expensive equipment.


 Would HMRC raise any objections to a husband and wife donating a part share each year of a rental property  they own to a different one of their 3 adult children? e.g.


I'm hoping I have this right but it comes up so rarely I'd welcome a second opinion.


Someone asked me a question the other day and I wasn't 100% sure of the answer wondered if someone could help.



HMRC has won an upper tribunal case against a car dealership about tax relief on capital gains tax.

HMRC won two tribunals and a court case against tax avoidance schemes last month that it said could have cost the Exchequer £200m.


With the new statutory residence test due to come in from April next year, taxpayers contemplating emigration have to prepare themselves to commit to a five-year period abroad, and comply with