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capital loss

Purchased assets of retail business in 2003 for £79,000, (Goodwill £57000, Lease Premium £2000, Fixtures £20000).


The recent case of Executors of Leadley Dec’d v HMRC examined the ability of Executors of an estate to make claims in relation to the deceased’s tax affairs prior to death.


A property development company has failed in its attempt to avoid paying tax on a property sale by creating a £1.6 million loss.

I wound down my company last year so it is no longer trading. The final accounts had a negative director's loan or negative shareholder value.


Client company is insolvent.  The company is not yet in liquidation but soon will be.  He has shares he paid £50k for and a Director's Loan Account balance of £45K.  It is unlikely he will get anyt


I have a client who made payments on behalf of a company of which she

The taxpayer was a director of an AIM listed company.  Whilst a director he acquired a shareholding in the company through a share placing.  He has a contract note showing the shares being purchase


Our client has held £30k of interest bearing loan notes in his employer for several years now.

Hi Hope you can help me please

Mr X has gifted shares to his girlfriend. I have calculated market value at date of gift and there is a significant capital loss.