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My client, who is a contractor trading through their personal limited company (though the same question may arise for an unincorporated client) has purchased a touring caravan, which is used while 


The sale of caravans designed for all-year round occupation, ‘residential caravans’, will continue to be zero-rated for VAT, HMRC has said.

Following weeks of protests the coalition government has climbed down on two VAT measures announced in the Budget, including the ‘pasty tax’ and a new charge on static caravans.


HMRC has withdrawn VAT concessions for caravan owners and boat builders because they don’t comply with EU law.

One of my clients purchased a plot of land with a dilapidated bungalow on it with a view to building a new home for himself and family.


Quick question. I have a client who operates a caravan park. They bought a new caravan to hire out. The caravan was let out to random people for say 2 years. They now want to sell it on.