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Diesel could be dethroned as the fleet world king after the government’s decision to extend the 3% benefit in kind (BIK) until April 2021, which may lead companies to consider alternatives such

The time accountants spend commuting into work is worth more than £14,000 a year – nearly 20% of the average accountant's salary.


Last year, we wrote about how company cars were being "taxed out of existence".


We have just signed a new client from a large firm of contractor accountants.

He is a contractor with his own Ltd Company.


Apologies if I may have missed any posting on this.


To prevent me from going nuts, could other readers confirm whether or not the private use contributions towards the use of company cars is chargeable to Corporation Tax?



Can a company car benefit be shared between a husband and wife who are directors and shareholders of a small private company.


We currently provide our Sales Reps with a Company Car and a Fuel Card, with all fuel paid for by the Company.


Client had a car as only asset, sole trade so we kept out pool and restricted allowwance by 1/3 private.

Car sold December 2013 but having trouble getting CA's right.