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Carter programme

HMRC is considering making online filing mandatory for all new businesses, for all types of tax, as part of its rebranded “Digital by Default” strategy (aka Carter II). John Stokdyk re


As Lord Carter’s programme for universal online filing nears its conclusion, new changes are bein

The new year opened with the announcement of a combined filing service for annual accounts – the long awaited “single filing point” that inspired Lord Carter five years ago.


HMRC confirmed that this month’s update is the final edition it will send out of its Employer’s CD-ROM.

Government ministers have advised professional representatives that they will make online filing of VAT returns compulsory for all businesses from 2012.


It's to be counted as a success that one of the biggest landmarks of Lord Carter's programme for filing HMRC documents online passed almost without comment this month.


After the dramatic announcements and ambitious claims about efiling in recent budgets, the 2008-09 tax year will be quieter, but will still see incremental steps towards Lord Carter's asipiration o

A catalogue of payroll providers and points to watch in 2008 prepared by technology editor John Stokdyk.


It's official; the AccountingWEB community can now play its own role in assisting HMRC implement the Carter programme for online services. All those cries into cyberspace do register you know!

Since the merger of the Inland Revenue and Customs in 2004, HMRC has publicly embraced business values and undertaken a major internal transformation.