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On 28 March the government published Finance Bill 2013, enacting

A few minor tweaks have been made to simplify the optional cash accounting regime that will be available to small, unincorporated businesses from 1 April.


Just before Christmas, HMRC released amended draft Finance Bill 2013 clauses setting out further details for the simplified income and expense regime, and transitional rules to restrict manipulatio


Unincorporated businesses beneath the VAT registration threshold will be able to start accounting for their income and expenses using a simplified cash-based regime for financial years starting fro


HMRC’s consultation period for proposals to simplify accounting for companies below the VAT registration threshold ended on 22 June.


Draft regulations setting out conditions and procedures for claimants of the proposed Universal Credit (UC) will impose new reporting requirements that put the self-employed at a disadvantage, tax


The consultation on the proposed cash accounting rules ends this week.


Suppose my client gives cheques to supplier back in September 2011 and most of them haven't been presented to the bank by 31st March 2012.


Small business record-keeping apps are all the rage this week, after HMRC put out a statement announcing the availability of eight new record-keeping mobile phone applications for businesses below