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cash flow

A successful survival strategy for truly seasonal businesses will inv

The recoveries department here at Wilson Field has created a series of ground rules to help businesses manage their cash flow, especially companies which allow credit to customers, and avoi

Many would think that most of those seeking financial advice from insolvency companies would be in the more established sections of the country, including home-owners and business leaders.


I was reading with interest last weeks blog and discussion about Niches (

We all know that “Cash is King” …or we should. Cash flow is the life source of every business.

Administrators from Deloitte have been appointed to the Atmosphere chain of bars and clubs across England and Wales after the company failed to deal with its cash

February is the worst month for cash flow for small and medium sized businesses, according to the latest figures from


Every accountancy firm and business knows how vital cashflow is for success, therefore good cash management  practices should be top of the agenda. 


Accounts payable is a crucial element within any finance team, but why is it so neglected when it comes to automation?