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I have been contracting for close to two years now. I have a ltd company. I only draw basic rate dividends + minimum salary every year for last two years.


Accounts payable is a crucial element within any finance team, but why is it so neglected when it comes to automation?

The Co-operative Bank has launched a new online banking service to help accountancy firms manage money on behalf of clients.


Many corporates got burned during the financial crisis as a result of poor liquidity management, according to Tesco director of Tax, Treasury & Corporate Finance, Adrian Marsh.


In this classic BusinessZONE Expert Guide, credit management expert Carol Baker explains how to improve your company's cash flo

The recession might be officially ‘over’ but its effects on the way businesses are funded are set to continue.


Dave Marlow examines how accountants can help organisations better manage cash flows in the current climate.

sarapartingtonIn the second of this two-part feature

In the first part of a two-part feature on practical steps to deal with your debts, Sara Partington of Hextalls LLP advises on how to approach debtors who claim that a debt isn’t owed and won’t