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Top stories this morning include new pension changes coming into force, the latest CBI growth estimates and Britain’s first Bitcoin exchange poised to open.

Liberal Democrat plans to increase the top rate of capital gains tax to as much as 35% will send a “bad signal” to business, according to the CBI.

The recent period of economic recovery has been a boon for accountants and is even starting to ease lending barriers for smaller companies, according to


British companies are confused by mixed messages about tax from the government, according to the CBI.


Time is running out for the Chancellor to take action and restore confidence among infrastructure developers and investors, according to KPMG’s


The Confederation of British Industry has hit back at claims that big companies are dodging their “fair share” of tax.

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) is reporting a surge in the business services sector despite an overall contraction of the UK economy in the last quarter.

The finance sector has had four consecutive quarters of improving profitability, but CFOs remain uneasy about the economic prospects for their companies over the next six months.

Taxpayers are footing mammoth bills for unsustainable public sector pensions, according to new research from the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).


Confidence and business prospects improved in 2009, but short term recovery in the UK’s financial sector remains slow, according to a quarterly report published by the CBI and PriceWaterhouseCo