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CEO advice

Thanks to partner55 here who suggested looking at MyPAYE and The Payroll Site to run our payroll.


My mission last week was to find expense management software and Receipt Bank is proving a treasure.  And no, they're not paying me to write that.


Cataloguing CP’s box of paperwork took me nearly all day.  Not only were there receipts that had been paid for in cash or on his own personal credit card, there were also receipts for costs paid fo


The evolving role of the finance function means that managers need to be more strategic, technologically astute and data-focused as they go about their work.

7 November 2012 - Let me go back to something conceptual, which I think is important, and far too little asked in business.


31 October - Let me combine some thoughts with a little more of an old style update on what has been happening here.


I didn’t intend to begin this series with a bit of moralising – and I’m not really sure where it’s come from, and yet when you begin to think about what really matters in business some moralising d


I’ve said already that when I write to people, or even engage with them in conversation, what I want is that they answer my question.


September 20 - If saying thank you is the number one rule for business, the second ru