It’s St Patrick’s Day and Budget fever has stepped up with news including a rise in the national minimum wage and tax relief for North Sea oil producers.


Ilya Kondrashov, co-founder and CFO of MarketInvoice, says investing in keeping data clean and integrating across d


Finance professionals are unhappy with their current purchase ordering process and are tied up in unnecessary admin as a result.


Optimising the business with minimum budget spend is a highly skilled – and at times, tricky – task for even the most experienced financial directors and CFOs, says Chris Haden of 

Nicole Anasenes, chief financial officer (CFO) at business application software provider Infor, says when it comes to forecasting and budgeting, they eat their own dog food by using the company


Completing our three-part series on the


Simon Bowles, CFO at HMRC, is to leave his post at the helm of

Risk appetite among chief financial officers (CFOs) of the largest companies in the UK has reached a seven year high, according to Deloitte.

If there’s one thing more damaging than not having a Financial Director in an organisation, then it’s having an ineffective one.

Chief financial officers (CFOs) who think big, start small and deliver quickly are more likely to bring about their organisation’s vision, according to Mark Rolfe