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Confusing me, this one:


A client sells land and buildings and returns £30k tax, which is paid on time.


The scenario is that client owns 100% of Ordinary share capital in company A.

Company A owns 75% of share capital in company B (which is a new trading company).



I work for a property developer, we have been approached by the sole beneficiary or a very ill property owner who is only expected to live until Xmas and is in Hospital in Canada.



I have a CGT inquiry; I would appreciate if someone could shed some light on it and help me out;



Client has inherited family home from mother.  Property sitting a substantial gain.


If someone owns businesses premises that are partly let out and partly used in the owners limited company business, presumably this isn't a business property for Capital Gains Tax CGTA 1992 S.165 G


Brief scenario : 2 properties owned, both run as FHL (meeting HMRC criteria) and generating profits. One will result in a capital gain on sale, the other a capital loss.


I am trying to calculate the loss on the sale of a house which has been (without a change of ownership): a second home, a Principal Private Residence and then let out as a Furnished Holiday Let whe