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A client has come to me asking about the CGT treatment of a fund they are interested in investing in.

Capital gains tax (CGT) is calculated based on sale proceeds received for an asset less the acquisition cost and any other associated costs.

My father who is a non-UK resident owns a house in UK that he is looking to gift to me.


Help! Calculating CGT liability from investments bought in the 1960's:


Hi, is it possible to defer CGT/Corporation Tax when a limited company sells shares from its own portfolio of UK Listed share holdings and makes a gain ? 


A recent Tolley Guidance post which looked at the 6 April 2015 changes to CGT garnered a s


The new government should be pondering this question as forms its policies, according the CIOT and the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS).


From the 6 April 2015, non-UK residents who dispose of a UK residential property may be liable to pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on any gains made on the disposal.

Andy, a born and bred UK National and resident, controls a number of UK companies, one of which has a (physical) front office (in England) acting as agents for an international multi-million pound