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Please can you direct me to the legislation that states the rate that needs to be used, or hmrc guidance, as I can't see any reference to this but have seen on other posts that the spot rate o


The decision in the case of Joost Lobler was overturned on appeal to the Upper Tier Tribunal (UTT) in January 2015 on the grounds of rectification.

This tax payer is seeking Enterprise Investment Scheme CGT exemption (aka disposal relief) after selling their shares.


While Budget 2015 was all about presenting generous morsels to individuals and regions, there were relatively meagre pickings for small businesses - mainly because most of the tax incentives fo


The case of Trevor Anthony Hartland v HMRC examined whether various properties were the taxpayer’s principal private residence (PPR), or whether the sale of the properties amounted to trading asset

I have a company, owned by two people, one of whom wishes to retire and take up a consultancy role, the other who wishes to take more of a back seat with a view to scaling down to retirement in the


I have been looking at the CGT nature of the Severn River Crossing 6% Index linked debentures that were redeemed in July 2013.


The case of Eugene Blaney v HMRC illustrates the use of the ‘badges of trade’ approach in determining whether or not activities amounted to a trade for the purpose of claiming relief for Capital Ga

Husband and wife purchase property 50/50 in 2004 for 118k.

In 12/13 they separate.

In 13/14, the wife and her 2 sisters purchase the property for 125k and they now own it 1/3 each